Manufactured Home Warranty, 101


Of course, I can't speak for every program of each manufacture across the country, but I can tell you how it generally works for most manufacturers and retail sales centers.  Most all manufactures stand behind their products for a minimum of 1 year, with some extending their warranty programs (through 3rd parties) for an additional 9 years covering structural items. Let's use us for the example...  

When you purchase a new home from Mid-State Housing you will receive what is called a 30-day checklist as a part of your closing documents.  This document is designed to help customers organize repair notes by room.  Much like custom site built homes the builder, or in this case the manufacture, wants you to have ample time living in the home in order to identify as many cosmetic items as possible. 

Once a homeowner feels like they have captured any shipping damage, loose trim, paint blemishes...etc., they will turn their list into Mid-State Housing's service department.  From there, one of two things will occur as each manufacturer can be different in how they provide warranty service.  


In the case of a manufacture who does not have local contractors or repair workers from the plant then Mid-State Housing would (using your detailed repair notes) order parts from the factory and have our full-time service person make the repairs.  

In the case of a manufacturer who does have local contractors or repair workers from the plant then Mid-State Housing would take your (detailed repair notes) and send them on to the factory's service department.  The factory would then call you direct to review your list, have their contractor pick up your materials and set up a time for repairs to be made.  Mid-State will help coordinate the information and provide assistance as needed.  

Some helpful hints:

-  Appliances are warranted through the appliance manufacturer, not by the home factory.

-  It's very important to register your appliances using the documentation provided in your home.

-  Emergencies, such as a water leak, usually will be handled by the Retailer and do not require factory authorization prior to repair.

-  Some warranty repairs requests require pre-authorization from the factory.

-  Be as detailed as possible when completing your 30-day service list.

-  Pictures help everyone!  Especially helping to ensure the correct materials are being shipped or picked up.

-  Scheduling and communication are keys to timely and successful repairs. items just take time....but be assured, we will take care of our customers!      

Please note:  Each manufacturer may vary on standards or state requirements.  This article was written by Jon Lawson, 17 November 2014.  


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