Often times turns and access to locations can be a problem when transporting manufactured homes.  In these tight situations, most installers either own or have access to, a house cat.  It’s essentially a little mini dozer on tracks with a hitch on one end.  They are controlled via remoted control and can be essential in protecting your home from damage during tight turns or challenging locations. 

Most transporters charge more to use a house cat.  Some Retailers include this in the price of their homes, while others don’t charge consumers for it on every home and only ask the consumer to pay it if it must be used. 

Some other examples of when one might need a house cat:

Location is wet and semitrucks could become stuck.

Home must be backed onto concrete foundation, AKA “runners”  If a truck crosses the runners, it can damage them.

Soil is extremely sandy.  If so, semitrucks will just spin and can’t get home onto location.

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