In today’s market, used mobile and manufactured homes are becoming increasingly sought after.  The new homes are continuing to cost more, which in turn, increases the demand for good used homes.  NADA has a system, much like blue booking a car, which gives a base value for the used home as well as modifies that value based on the state the home is in.  In order to get an accurate NADA base value, you must have the following information:

Year of the home
Make of the home – who manufactured the home.
Model name of the home – very important to get accurate value in NADA
Size of the home – for example 16’ x 80’ or 28’ x 80’ 

Most retailers and lenders pay an annual fee to access the NADA system. We are unware of any free service which can give you the NADA value of a used manufactured or mobile home.

Most lenders will only base book the value of a used home and loan a percentage of that base value.  In some cases, it does not matter if the home has been perfectly refurbished…the lender will only use the base book value in their calculations.

Generally, a person looking to sell their home can compare Retailers pricing on used homes, look at garage sale sites on Facebook or other media sites or call a Retailer who is willing to help point you in the right direction.  

Condition is a big part of what will keep your home value higher.  The nicer and cleaner the home, the more it’s worth!

Mid-State Mfg. Housing, in Purcell, OK buys and sells used homes in Oklahoma, so if you’re needing to sell your home, we’d be happy to look at the information, talk pricing and see if we can help.

 Some other items you might keep in mind when selling your used home:

The HVAC system will need pumped down.

Transport costs are not cheap.  Someone will need to pay a transporter/installer to breakdown the home, transport it to the new location and reinstall.  Costs can vary greatly depending upon each location, home size, home condition, utility disconnect, etc.

Will either location need a house cat? 

Who is getting the 936 form so a transport/oversized load permit can be obtained?

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