In the state of Oklahoma, a used mobile or manufactured home cannot be legally transported without first obtaining the 936 form.  The 936 form is a form provided by your county assessors office.   The county where the home resides is where you go to get the form. 

 The form essentially tells the County Assessors office the home is moving and in most cases transferring ownership.  If leaving the county, it tells the current county it’s leaving and notifies the new county to pick it up on the tax rolls.

 When you go to the Assessor’s office, they will start the form with all the change in ownership and/or address information, then send you to the County Treasurer’s office where you will pay any back taxes on the home AND pay the current years taxes early.  YES, you will be required to pay the current year’s taxes early. 

 Once taxes are paid, you will take the proof of payment back to the assessor’s office where they will sign, complete the form and give you a current tag sticker.

 Yes, anyone transporting a used home, needs a physical license plate for that home if not already in or on your home.  If it’s missing, you will need to go to your local tag office and buy a new one.

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